Package com.pcauto.gui.table

Interface Summary
EntityList The EntityList interface describes the functions that must be provided for managing entities within an ordered list.
EntityListListener An EntityListEvent gets fired when an EntityList changes.
EntityTableColumnModel The EntityTableColumnModel interface describes the model that defines the behaviour of columns in an EntityTable.

Class Summary
AbstractEntityTableColumnModel The AbstractEntityTableColumnModel is a super class for models that define the columns to be displayed in an EntityTable.
EntityJTable The EntityJTable is an extension of the Java JTable for use with entities.
EntityListEvent EntityListEvent is used to notify listeners that an EntityList has changed.
EntityTable EntityTable is a full-featured swing-based GUI component that represents a list of entities in a table with each row representing a different entity.
EntityTableColumn This class represents columns that are used with EntityTable.
EntityTableFocusType This EntityTableFocusType is used to specify the typesafe focus modes for the EntityTable.
OrderTranslatorEntityList This OrderTranslatorEntityList provides a temporary ordering of the EntityList for display purposes.
ProxyColumnModel The ProxyColumnModel contains all columns in the table that are both visible and not locked.
ProxyEntityList The ProxyEntityList implements the EntityList interface which describes the functions that must be provided for managing entities within an ordered list.
PString Javadoc summary
RowHeaderColumnModel The RowHeaderColumnModel is used by the EntityTable to store all the columns that correspond to the row header of the table.
RowHeaderModel This RowHeaderModel is used to manage and manipulate the row header of the EntityTable.
TestControlPanel TestControlPanel provides basic navigation for EntityTable

Exception Summary
EntityListException This is the exception that will be thrown for EntityList events.