Entity Table

Open source project by the PC Automation Inc. software development team.

April, 2004.


EntityTable is a full-featured swing-based GUI component that represents a list of data Objects as rows in a table. The EntityTable conforms to the model/delegate framework and extends the functionality of the Java JTable.

The EntityTable provides a quick way to utilize any existing List objects and render them in a table. It supports a virtual column for labeling rows, and a virtual row for quickly adding new rows of data to the table. The EntityTable includes sorting functionality and allows the user to have a different ordering of the rows than that of the underlying data.

Support for hiding, locking, editing and sorting can be enabled on a column by column basis. The EntityTable also supports three focus modes for navigating and manipulating the table; cell, row and table.



These classes are free for use and download under the Mozilla Public License version 1.1 (MPL 1.1). Please visit our SourceForge repository to download or contribute to the latest class libraries and JavaDocs. The JavaDocs for the Example classes are available here.

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